Technological advancements in science and technology are so expeditious that the education system needs to impart the quest in students for novel methods of attaining knowledge and also be equipped with the critical skills that enable students to apply the acquired knowledge in problem-solving and develop new technologies.


The impact of Engineering is never underrated. The principles of Engineering have a diverse applications in a wide range of fields. With the foundation the students acquire from science and maths they can get an awareness on engineering. Engineering helps to identify the requirement for a design to be developed and thus produce systems and products required. It is the implementation of the technologies meeting the requirements of efficiency, precision, quality, accuracy with less maintenance. Modern technology has opened a wide range of engineering applications that are now into a new level of accomplishing tasks. Some of the developing engineering branches are Robotics, AI, AR, VR etc. These are the emerging technologies that have a great career opportunities. We see incidents where students are excelling in these fields at a very early age as they are the new fields, interesting to students and that which requires creativity which the children possess inherently.

What we do:

Create an environment that encourages the students to build ideas implementing the technological topics. Impart knowledge on the necessity of identifying a problem and develop design strategy that AIMS at the solution and to succeed in it. We assign group and individual projects on day-to-day issues that they observe in their surroundings. Our dedicated teachers implement innovative methodologies combining them with the emerging technologies applicable in fields like robotics, AI, VR, AR with a goal on inculcating interest  and zeal in the students towards science and technology and the field of engineering that finds the application of the things they learn.

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Why we do :

Engineering is not just a career option but it is a way of life that is to be understood and developed by the students. With our curriculum, we aim at the students involvement such that our teaching goes beyond the classroom. By imparting the subject knowledge and creating awareness to engineering processes and different streams in engineering like mechanical, electrical, civil, Computer science , Robotics, AI, VR, AR and so on, students can develop a disciplinary approach to technology and engineering. An early association of the students towards science and engineering enables them to have a keen observation and competitively develop an ideology of being responsible citizens in creating a better society.

How we do:

Conduct special programs, Tech fests to display various engineering activities. Organize competitions where the students with best product design are appreciated with awards and rewards that encourage them to further have an approach in design and development. Conduct workshops to involve the students in learning engineering importance and methods with hands-on experience. Identify students that are more driven towards engineering and technology and guide them to come up with ideas and create necessary platform with the real-time that boosts their confidence to become entrepreneurs and much more. We encourage the students to understand and develop logical thinking by assigning projects that pave way to problem solving with computational, logical thinking and other skills.

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