Technological advancements in science and technology are so expeditious that the education system needs to impart the quest in students for novel methods of attaining knowledge and also be equipped with the critical skills that enable students to apply the acquired knowledge in problem-solving and develop new technologies.


Mathematics is a branch of science that enables the implementation of technology and realize the design and modeling of the system and acquire the appropriate result. It enables the logical thinking of humans into practice. An understanding of mathematics helps a child to apply it and even understand other subjects like science, and social studies. Also, it is found that mathematics even helps children to excel in music and art. We see many exemplary lives like Issac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, Pythogoras, Philip Glass who happens to be a modern-era classical composer et., who have shown excellence in math and art, and music.

What we do:

Math, as many dread is not about scary problems and equations. We at our school instil this in the students and lead them to excellence in mathematics. Use innovative teaching methods that enable the students to gain basic computational skills. Mathematics as understood by many is not just confined to engineering but is applied to a lot of fields like economics, quantum physics, develop DNA Algorithms, and so on.

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Why we do :

Mathematics finds application in a wide range of fields. To Develop basic computational skills, spatial ability, quantitative reasoning, geometry, electrical and electronics, construction, etc., Mathematics understanding and application help in mitigating complex problems and resolving them.

How we do:

Introduction of various mathematical activities at the early stage of study and developing an understanding of the basics. Mathematics is one of a kind subject that many a student as well as adults find as difficult subject. But when the fundamentals are laid upon a strong foundation, further mathematics are enhanced of these basics and it becomes easy for the students to apply and develop the necessary skills in solving complex computations. We encourage them to apply the methods learned in innovative solving problems and to think out of the box. This way we do not confine them to the methods in the curriculum but to a more broad spectrum as well. This makes them feel confident and not fear of maths.

            Our school focuses on making the students educated on scientifical methods that improve their observation, encourage them to questions leading to discussion, and aanalyze or predict different possible solutions and outcomes through MORE investigation and experimentation. We provide a pathway for the students to acquire the knowledge and skills to apply them in designing and developing of technology-based engineering solutions.

             Working scientifically involves them in observation, questioning, discussion, prediction, analysis, exploration, investigation, and experimentation, while the knowledge and skills they acquire may be applied in designing and making tasks

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