Technological advancements in science and technology are so expeditious that the education system needs to impart the quest in students for novel methods of attaining knowledge and also be equipped with the critical skills that enable students to apply the acquired knowledge in problem-solving and develop new technologies.

What we do:

At our school, we emphasize the fundamentals that are the foundation for acquiring knowledge in science. We encourage the children to explore their surroundings, question the things going on in their environment, identify problems or difficulties in attaining a process or work they observe in their surroundings, and try to come up with solutions.

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Why we do :

               Science education imparts knowledge of the physical and biological surroundings there by paving way for the students in understanding their surroundings, and ways of life all around the world. Children are born creative with a lot of potentials. Our teaching methodologies aim at retaining these qualities inherently present in the child while guiding them and nurturing them to add the knowledge of science such that it enables the right channelling of the potentials that they inherently possess.

How we do:

Practical-oriented studies encourage students to observe, analyze and experiment with the knowledge that they acquire at school. We attain this through projects, group tasks, scientific expo events, and numerous other activities.

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