Technological advancements in science and technology are so expeditious that the education system needs to impart the quest in students for novel methods of attaining knowledge and also be equipped with the critical skills that enable students to apply the acquired knowledge in problem-solving and develop new technologies.


The application of knowledge on several streams to achieve goals in an approach that can be reproducible is termed technology.

What we do:

We encourage the students to apply their knowledge of science to practical approaches. We live in an era of ever-changing technology in a wide range of practical approaches that aim at easing the human lifestyle. We guide them in the possible areas of technological implementations like space programs, health, software, weather, deep sea exploration, industries related to pharma, agriculture, electrical, and so on.

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Why we do :

Technological advancements cause developments in society and lead to many socio-economic changes. An awareness of the basics of technology from the curriculum aids in gaining of knowledge of how technology is developed. In the present scenario, new methods and technologies are being developed. A better, faster mode of accomplishing things is the main aim of the developments in technology. By introducing the students to the fast pace of technological advancements helps to tune the students to understand the rapid changes that can occur. It inhibits quality in the students not to restrict themselves to just academics, but to think proactively and develop productive methods that can influence society. Also, there is a need for the students to understand that technology not only leads to positive developments but also can lead to perilous outcomes if not used for the right purposes. There are a lot of chances that the students may be misled in implementing the new technologies. At our school, we inhibit the ethical sense of learning and implementing technology and science.

How we do:

Conducting workshops, webinars, seminars and other tech awareness programs regularly. Encourage them to experiment the knowledge acquired with proper guidance. Provide a platform where the students can interact with professionals in various fields of technology and thus create an awareness in the students and help them to identify the areas of technology that they find themselves interested and develop in that particular area.

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